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March 8, 2011

The Localization Institute

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Boyd Timothy, Appigo, Inc.

Appigo, Inc. co-founder and president Boyd Timothy actively writes code that powers the company's popular iOS apps. He specializes in user interface workflow, building apps that are high quality and enjoyable to use. In addition to many business related responsibilities, Boyd directs the company's localization efforts, helping to make their products reach top app rankings in Apple's App Stores worldwide.

Daniel Plant, Playdom/Disney Interactive Media Group

Daniel Plant is an International Production Manager at Playdom/Disney Interactive Media Group. He has worked in localization for 3 years doing everything from QA to managing localization projects. He has helped ship more than 30+ game titles on a variety of platforms, networks, and portals. Currently he focuses bringing Playdom's social media games to world.

Don DePalma, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Common Sense Advisory

Don DePalma has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of technology, language services, and market research. As the company’s original founder, he is responsible for launching and developing the preeminent market research firm in the language services sector. He initiated Common Sense Advisory’s coverage of localization maturity, enterprise language processing, business-driven globalization, practical machine translation, return on investment for localization, and multicultural domestic marketing.

As the company's chief strategist, Don serves as an incubator for new ideas and projects that support the organization's vision and growth. He drives strategic decisions affecting the future direction of the research and consulting services. And, he is involved in shaping the strategies of many of the world's largest technology firms and the industry's most influential language services providers via large scale consulting projects.

Prior to founding Common Sense Advisory, he co-founded Interbase Software, served as vice president of corporate strategy at translation technology supplier Idiom Technologies, and was one of the first analysts at Forrester Research, where he consulted to senior management at Global 2000 companies. While at Forrester, Don launched the firm's coverage of various sectors, including content management, application development for strategic internet systems, digital marketing technologies and customer relationship management, ethnic marketing, knowledge management, and business globalization. He lectures, writes, and is frequently quoted on the topics of online marketing, content management, multicultural marketing, localization, return on investment, and website globalization. His book, Business without Borders, is widely used at university and business training courses.

Don holds a PhD in Linguistics from Brown University with specializations in generative grammar, computational linguistics, and the historical phonology of Slavic languages. He has also studied at Moscow State University and Moscow Linguistic University in Russia, Univerzita Karlova in the Czech Republic, and ELISA in Costa Rica. As a linguist, Don studied a range of Indo-European languages and has visited 40 countries.

Danica Brinton, Zynga, Inc

Danica Brinton currently leads international strategy and production for Zynga, Inc. - the world's largest social game developer with 300 million active players and blockbuster games: FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, Treasure Isle, FrontierVille and Cafe World. Prior to Zynga, Danica held leadership positions in international product management, strategy and localization at Yahoo!, Second Life, and Apple, Inc.

Aaron Schliem, Glyph Language Services

Having been at the helm of Glyph, a leading interactive media localizer, since its birth in 2001 on Seattle's Capitol Hill, Aaron Schliem has become a thoughtleader in the area of global digital media. Top players in the games, marketing and app sectors rely on Aaron's strategic insights and implementation expertise to inject their globalization ambitions with just the right dose of LGH, Glyph's "language growth hormone" (patent pending). When he is not globe-hopping to talk social games and mobile app localization with Glyph's clients, you can find Aaron teaching music to his daughters (drum set is the latest) or playing capoeira at the gym. Aaron learned near-native Spanish and nearly everything that is essential to being successful in business by haggling with suppliers and customers on the nomadic Chilean artisan circuit during the mid-90s.

Bo Lin, COO at iPhone Localizer

Bo co-founded iPhone Localizer. She is an entrepreneur, localization expert, and computer professional.

iPhone Localizer brings iPhone apps to the world. The company offers in-country support and promotions for apps in Asian countries. It also localizes iPhone apps for all 31 iPhone supported languages.

Ulrich Henes, The Localization Institute

Ulrich Henes, founder of The Localization Institute, has a decade of experience in international sales and marketing of software and has been involved in the localization of many products.

For four years he was international sales and marketing manager at Persoft, Inc. Following that, he served as president of Alpha, Inc., the US office of Alpha CRC Ltd. of Cambridge, England, a localization agency.

His writings regularly appear in national trade magazines and are included in Microsoft's Windows "Globalization Resource Kit" on CD-ROM. A nationally recognized leader in the field of software translation and localization, he is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on globalization issues.

He has a BA in business administration with a special focus on international trade. A native of Germany, he is fluent in Dutch, English, and German, with a working knowledge of French.